Easter Sunday baseball memories

Easter Sunday 1987 was spent riding in the car, returning from a spring break trip to my grandparents’ home in southern Minnesota. We had been there a few days and I was only able to follow the Brewers’ season-opening win streak via the daily newspaper. It wasn’t ideal (especially compared to today and the ease of following things via the Internet) but I knew they were going for 12 straight (and free George Webb burgers for all!).

As soon as we got close to La Crosse I began feverishly searching the AM dial, looking for the broadcast. I remember the Crew not doing so well and the car ride taking FOREVER. I was left to sit and think about what might have been.

Then, as we passed through Madison and hit Highway 12 east, fortunes began to change. The Crew mounted the historic comeback we all remember.

When Rob Deer’s ball left the park (and I believe Uecker initially said it traveled completely over the County Stadium bleachers) we were approaching Cambridge.

A few batters later, when Sveum went yard to win the game, we were riding through downtown Cambridge and tears began streaming down my face. It was the first time baseball caused me to have that sort of reaction — I was too young to know what was going on in 1982 — but it certainly wasn’t the last time.

I love the Internet for many reasons; the ability to instantly relive great memories is just one!