Intro to Custom Post Types

Doors open at 6:30PM for general WordPress discussion/Q&A and social time. Presentation begins at 7PM.

Post types in WordPress = content. WordPress contains several built-in post types, such as pages, posts, media files, and navigation menus. But what do you do when your website or content doesn’t fit neatly into one of those types, or when you have too much content to manage using the built-in options?

The answer is custom post types (CPT), which allow you to develop your site according to your content, and not the other way around. CPTs allow you to create custom layouts to differentiate one type from another, add custom taxonomies to categorize your custom content, and more!

While CPTs are an intermediate to advanced WordPress concept, there are ways to create and manage them without knowing or writing a lot of code. Namely, plugins like Custom Post Type UI and page-builders that allow you to create and style CPT archives and single posts by pulling in the custom fields you’ve created.

During the presentation we will use these tools create a very simple CPT and custom taxonomy and basic front-end templates to display the data.

** Any attendees who manage sites with cool or creative use of CPTs are encouraged to show them off during the meetup! **