Wait. Why Didn’t I Receive That Email From My Website?

Doors open at 6:30PM for WordPress discussion and Q&A and/or social time. Presentation begins at 7PM.

Email remains a very important part of the online experience, whether they be used for communication, marketing, or transactions. Your site’s operations (and/or revenue) rely on all users receiving important email communications in a prompt manner.

A very common occurrence, whether you are using a budget shared host or a WordPress-optimized VPS, is not receiving the emails sent from your website. This can happen for both site administrators and end users, and these messages can include account creation or password reset requests, notifications when a form is submitted or a discussion comment is posted, e-commerce order details and receipts, and so forth.

We will talk about why and how this issue occurs, and go over some of the various ways it can be fixed. We’ll also review some best practices to use when configuring plugins that send emails through your site.

Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels