My newest adventure

I realize I haven’t written anything in this space for quite some time, and I apologize; however, there is good reason, which I will get to shortly.

From an early age I always have had something of an entrepreneurial spirit. I recall being 4 or 5 years old and trying to sell my (and, most likely, my brothers’ …) “surplus” toys while the next-door neighbor held a garage sale. A few years later, buying/selling baseball cards and yard work were my main hustles. It just seemed like I always had some great, new idea by which I thought I could make money.

At some point, I lost that instinct; or, rather, it was suppressed for several years while I was busy trying to succeed in a “real job” in the “real world.” Unfortunately for me, this all too often required me to sacrifice who I was in exchange for a paycheck. It never sat well with me, but at the time I believed that it was what I had to do in order to “make it” and please those around me.

Then came the spring and summer of 2012, during which I faced some of the most significant challenges and hurdles — both personal and professional, physical, mental and otherwise.

As I had a great deal of time to sit still and think, free of bosses and deadlines and cubicle neighbors and Chatty Cathys, my brain began to work in ways in which it hadn’t for years. Perhaps it was the painkillers; who knows for sure? Regardless, the wheels began to spin and the entrepreneurial spirit began to burn strong once again.

Fast-forward a few months to earlier this year, and I was finally ready to make the leap. I was physically healed from my injuries and mentally healed from three years of working for a tyrant in a job I hated in the first place. The latter was probably the more difficult of the two with which to deal; it’s unimaginably horrible to realize how beaten down one can become over time.

On June 1 I officially launched Why The Fuss? Technical Solutions, a firm specializing in web design, development and hosting, as well as an IT consulting firm and IT training provider. I still am in the very early stages of building this business and have just a few projects under my belt, but I already love it. It is far more satisfying to struggle and strive for 10-12 hours a day over something you believe in, something you have a stake in, than it is to toil for “the man” and being stuck in one place for 50 hours a week.

So, that’s where you’ll find me nowadays. I moved some of the content from this site over to WTF?, but plan to keep this site as a personal blog and repository for my writing and ramblings. My goal is to post a lot more here, but I think we all know what happens when we publicly vow to update a website!

Until next time …