My story featured on the HeroPress blog

heropressThose who know me are likely aware that I was in a pretty serious hiking accident in June 2012 that left me with a broken right femur and other injuries.

My fall also provided me with plenty of “couch time” during my months-long recovery. I decided early on to use that time as productively as possible, and in turn I took a deep look at WordPress and decided it was a tool that could help¬†provide me with some income while I was unable to walk or drive — but also form a career around once I was healthy again.

That’s what I have done over the past 4+ years. A few months ago while talking to some people during WordCamp Milwaukee 2016 it was mentioned me to that I should write about my journey for the HeroPress blog.

That’s exactly what I did. Thanks to the staff at HeroPress for providing me with the opportunity to tell my story.¬†This is my essay:

I fell. WordPress helped me up.